Friday's News & Ideas - 5/22/2020

  • CDC to post church reopening guidance
  • Church resisting restrictions burned
  • Reactions to Jane Roe confession
  • Protection from coronavirus lawsuits?
  • Health care workers & religion
  • Fashionable food & whiteness

In reversal, White House tells CDC to post church guidance
Associated Press: After refusing for weeks to release reopening guidance for churches, the Trump administration on Thursday abruptly changed course -- with the president saying he had instructed health officials to put the advice out.

Church that defied coronavirus restrictions is burned to ground
New York Times: A message at the scene that said, in part, “Bet you stay home now,” has led the police in Mississippi to suspect arson.

Faith groups react to claims famed anti-abortion activist was paid to switch sides
Religion News Service: News that a seminal figure in the decades-long abortion debate was allegedly paid to advocate against the practice is triggering mixed reactions from religious leaders.

Congress may protect businesses from coronavirus lawsuits. Should it grant immunity to most churches, too?
Deseret News: Nearly 300 religious organizations and leaders sent a letter to Congress calling on lawmakers to pass church liability protections.

Health care workers who attend church services have better mental health
USA Today: Coronavirus lockdowns were meant to protect our physical health. New research shows they may be quite damaging to our mental health.

The Spark

Stewed awakening
Ingredients like turmeric, tahini, and gochujang have finally shaken off their hitherto “exotic” status. But it’s white cooking personalities like Alison Roman and many of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen stars who have had viral success using them, Eater says.

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