Friday's News & Ideas - 6/12/2020

  • New allies say ‘we got it wrong’
  • Reckoning with reopening
  • Robert E. Lee stained glass
  • 27% see Trump as religious
  • CoE allowing funerals
  • Black women paved the way

Instead of ‘we can no longer be silent,’ try ‘we got it wrong’
Sojourners: Although numerous Christians have finally chosen to name racism, Marc Antoine Lavarin is skeptical of new allies who have rushed to protest without examining the ways in which their own theologies continue to nurture it.

As coronavirus restrictions loosen, congregations grapple with including older adults
Religion News Service: For older people, there’s a cruel reality to the reopenings.

Robert E. Lee image out at Boise church
United Methodist News Service: For 60 years, Lee has been grouped with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in a Cathedral of the Rockies window devoted to U.S. history, but the church’s board has decided the Confederate general’s image will be taken out this summer.

Only 27 percent of U.S. voters see Trump as religious, with Catholics most skeptical
Crux: Despite back to back photo ops in front of religious sites last week, new polling shows that only 27 percent of registered voters believe President Donald Trump to be religious.

Church of England to allow funerals in its buildings from next week
The Guardian: Bishops issue new guidance as places of worship prepare to reopen for individual prayer.

The Spark

The black women who paved the way for this moment
Today’s protests build on a long tradition* of activism, The Atlantic says.

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