Friday's News & Ideas - 6/21/2019

  • Jesuit HS keeps gay teacher
  • Evangelicals & fake news
  • SCOTUS keeps cross
  • History of gospel music
  • Christian case for weed
  • Translation as loss

An archbishop told a Jesuit school to fire a gay teacher. They said no.
CNN: A Jesuit high school in Indiana can no longer call itself “Catholic” because it employs a teacher in a same-sex marriage, the Archbishop of Indianapolis says.

Survey: Most white evangelicals blame journalists for fake news
Religion News Service: White evangelical Protestants are more concerned about “fake” news than any other major religious group and are also the most likely to blame journalists for creating it.
Pew: Many Americans say made-up news is a critical problem that needs to be fixed

Supreme Court rules 7-2 that ‘Peace Cross’ can remain standing
Deseret News: Justices decided the cross could remain standing, arguing that its historical significance outweighed concerns about its association with Christianity.

Wade in the water
NPR: Produced in 1994 by NPR and the Smithsonian Institution, Wade in the Water is a 26-part documentary series detailing the history of American gospel music.

The Christian case for marijuana
The New York Times: If Christians are concerned about justice and the mitigation of pain, they must get beyond the just-say-no mentality, Jonathan Merritt writes.

The Spark

Translation as an arithmetic of loss
Ingrid Rojas Contreras writes at The Paris Review on trauma, colonialism and the things that cannot, should not, be perfectly translated.

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