Friday's News & Ideas

  • Jesus' wife papyrus: what now?
  • Christianity, charity & welfare
  • Culture wars & Christian witness
  • Chimayo's healing church
  • Single-mom clergy
  • Show you care

The 'Gospel of Jesus's wife' is real: what now?The Atlantic: Historians, engineers, and linguists have pored over a three-inch piece of papyrus that makes mention of Jesus's wife. What does this discovery actually mean?

Does Christianity really prefer charity to government welfare?The Week: While often overlooked, there is a strong Christian case for their coexistence.

Mozilla, World Vision & the culture warsNational Catholic Reporter: You are simply witnessing the predictable outcome of those whose culture war mentality distorts Christian witness.

A little church in New Mexico with some big healing powerWashington Post: El Santuario de Chimayo is best known for the supposedly curative powers of the "holy dirt" that's found in its sacristy.

For single-mom clergy, public role, private pathThe Jewish Week: New documentary chronicles stories of four women and their non-traditional choices.

The Spark

To build intimacy, trust, satisfaction, celebrate the good timesStudies show that demonstrating appreciation for your partner is good for both of you. One of the best ways to show you care is to celebrate good things that happen to him or her, the Wall Street Journal reports. Researchers call it "capitalization" and say it is just as important as being supportive in tough times.

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