Friday's News & Ideas

  • Catholics shunning lifestyle
  • GOP rallying evangelicals
  • Capitalism & Christianity?
  • Patriotism, on & off the soccer field
  • Gay marriage & Supreme Court
  • 100 years ago in Sarajevo

Vatican says believers are shunning Catholic lifestyle after scandalsThe (London) Guardian: Church strikes conciliatory note but synod 'working paper' shows stance on divorce, gay rights and abortion unlikely to change.

Republicans launch digital effort to rally evangelicals to the pollsReligion News Service: The Republican National Committee launches its first web-based effort to rally conservative believers behind the party, a sign of how crucial voter turnout will be in this fall's midterm election.

God and mammonThe New York Times: Is contemporary capitalism compatible with Christian values?

Love and pride for your country should go deeper than the World CupNational Catholic Reporter: Mike Jordan Laskey on the patriotic struggles between his head and heart, on and off the soccer field.

Experts: Ruling tees up gay marriage for top courtAssociated Press: Appellate court ruling increases pressure on the high court to make explicit what it did not say last year -- that gay couples nationwide have a right to marry.

The Spark

A century ago in Sarajevo: a plot, a farce and a fateful shotThe shot that killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was fired 100 years ago tomorrow. The assassination triggered World War I and changed the course of the 20th century. But the beginning sounds almost like a farce -- complete with bad aim, botched poisoning and a wrong turn on the road.

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