Friday's News & Ideas - 6/7/2019

  • Mother Emanuel & forgiveness
  • Catholics should march in Pride
  • Eucharist & unity
  • Seminarian to NBA star
  • Lord’s Prayer amended
  • Holzhauer’s streak

Mother Emanuel’s forgiveness narrative is ‘complicated,’ says reporter-turned-author
Religion News Service: Hawes discussed what people don’t know about the Charleston tragedy, how the church and community have changed, and the successes and challenges that have occurred with race relations.

The case for why Catholics should march in LGBT Pride parades
The Washington Post: Before Catholic leaders stand in judgment of Pride events, they might try a more Christian response and be willing to walk in the discomfort of another’s experience.

‘Let’s not wait for the theologians,’ says Pope Francis about sharing the Eucharist
Religion News Service: Is the pope signaling willingness to move toward Eucharistic sharing without total theological agreement? Such a view would see the Eucharist as a unifying sacrament rather than a celebration of unity.

Pascal Siakam: How a Toronto Raptors star got his start in seminary
Catholic News Agency: Siakam is not like most NBA players. When he first put on a jersey to shoot hoops nine years ago, Siakam was a seminarian in Cameroon.

Led not into temptation: Pope approves change to Lord's Prayer
The (London) Guardian: New wording for Catholics asks God not to ‘let us fall into temptation.’

The Spark

What James Holzhauer’s Jeopardy streak meant
For a while, it was as if the show’s laws of mathematics had been repealed, but defeat is always a bad break or two away, writes Ken Jennings at The Atlantic.

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