Friday's News & Ideas - 7/31/2020

  • From reconciliation to justice
  • Socially-distanced Hajj
  • Abuse in women’s orders
  • Legacy of white supremacy
  • AL pastor resigns after controversy
  • 6 workers without income

Can churches’ focus on race move from reconciliation to justice?
Religion News Service: For decades, “racial reconciliation” has been the language many white evangelical Christians used when they talked about cultivating improved race relations. “Racial justice” -- the term often heard in recent months in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and other Black people in police custody, was avoided.

From 2 million to 1,000: Striking photos show socially-distanced Hajj
CNN: Normally, over 2 million pilgrims attend the Hajj. This year only around 1,000 worshipers are at the annual pilgrimage after Saudi authorities imposed strict crowd control and hygiene measures because of fears of the pandemic.

Spotlight needed on abuse in women’s orders, says Jesuit journal
Crux: While much attention has been given to the abuse of minors and vulnerable people, and abuse perpetrated by priests, not enough has been said about the kinds of abuse women religious and novices have experienced within their own religious communities, the article said.

American Christianity must reckon with legacy of white supremacy, author says
NPR: In his new book, White Too Long, Robert P. Jones examines the legacy of white supremacy among Southern Baptists and other Christian denominations.

Alabama pastor resigns after praying at KKK leader’s birthday
Christianity Today: Baptist leaders said the controversy was not good for his church.

The Spark

6 jobless workers. 6 different salary levels. Zero end in sight.
As the $600 unemployment benefit expires, GEN Magazine spoke to six workers whose lost incomes range from $13,000 to $150,000-plus a year

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