Friday's News & Ideas - 7/5/2019

  • Talking religion easier than politics
  • Butler leaves Riverside NYC
  • Crisis of evangelicalism
  • Training teachers in religion
  • Catholicism lost Italy
  • The Fourth and freedom

Americans would rather talk about religion than politics during the holiday. Here's why
Deseret News: A recent survey said most Americans find talking politics is not worth the tension it can cause as political conversations have become more negative, less fact-based and less substantive.

Amy Butler stepping down after five years at Riverside Church in NYC
Baptist News Global: The Rev. Amy Butler, the first woman to become pastor of the historic Riverside Church in New York City, is stepping down after five years in the pulpit.

The deepening crisis in evangelical Christianity
The Atlantic: Support for Trump comes at a high cost for Christian witness.

Religion in school can be complicated. So teachers went to class.
The Washington Post: In diverse Montgomery County, teachers make a point to learn about the world's religions during the summer.

How the Catholic Church lost Italy to the far right
The New York Times: Pope Francis’ retreat from culture-war politics has left a void that politicians have been all too eager to fill.

The Spark

What to an American is the Fourth of July?
Power comes before freedom, not the other way around, writes Ibram X. Kendi at The Atlantic.

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