Friday's News & Ideas - 8/28/2020

  • Holy war at the RNC
  • Myth of the moral majority
  • Latin America’s churches & pandemic
  • Abortion between conventions
  • Singing David Haas songs?
  • The memory of the writer

America’s holy war comes to the RNC*
The Nation: Biden’s religion of good works is battling Trump’s Christian nationalism.
Religion News Service: Citing Scripture, Pence switches out Jesus for the American flag in convention speech

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s fall, Liberty University and the myth of the Moral Majority
Religion News Service: Morality -- and the supposition that evangelicals have it -- is not about personal behavior or piety. Instead, it is a bludgeon to be used against those who do not support evangelical beliefs or policies.
Religion Unplugged: Let Liberty University be a lesson in unchecked power

Latin America’s evangelical churches hard hit by pandemic
Associated Press: In at least two countries, evangelical pastors have died in alarming numbers during the pandemic.

Skewed media coverage of abortion at the Republican convention reveals a gap no one wants to bridge*
America: During the Republican National Convention this week, opposition to abortion has been one of the main themes, with many speakers praising President Trump as the “most pro-life president” ever.

Why my church is done singing David Haas’s songs*
Christian Century: It’s not because we don’t believe in grace.

The Spark

Writers will decide how we remember the protests
It is the duty of the writer to have a longer memory* than the nation’s, GEN Magazine says.

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