Friday's News & Ideas - 8/30/2019

  • Religious left is amorphous group
  • Working-class whites are leaving church
  • Christianity and slavery
  • Claremont merges with Willamette
  • South Sudan's remarkable church growth
  • GIFs are for science, too

Buttigieg walks fine line in courting religious left
Religion News Service: The Trump administration’s approach to immigration and other social justice issues has energized faith-based activists to a pitch not seen since the 1970s. But the religious left remains an amorphous, diverse group with few nationally known leaders.

White working-class adults are leaving our churches. What can we do to keep them?
America: The Catholic Church is not alone in struggling to maintain a connection to the white working class. Church attendance by whites ages 25 to 44 without a four-year degree has declined at twice the rate of their college-educated peers since the early 1970s.

Why understanding the relationship between Christianity and slavery is ‘hard, soul-shaking work’
Deseret News: Faith leaders are often presented as heroes in stories about slavery. But some fought to keep the slave trade alive.

Drawing on shared Methodist roots, Claremont theology students begin classes at Willamette University
Salem (Oregon) Reporter: The two schools started exploring a merger in late 2016 and this spring agreed to move forward with a partnership that will ultimately see Claremont relocate entirely to Salem, becoming Willamette’s third graduate school.

‘Christianity and Catastrophe in South Sudan’
Church Times: In his new book, Jesse Zink offers a dramatic, illuminating, and, at times, harrowing account of a transforming church-growth movement among the Dinka people of South Sudan -- one of the most remarkable Christian movements of modern times.

The Spark

Nanomachines, jellyfish hugs and Hurricane Dorian from space: The week's best science GIFs
You probably know the GIF as the perfect vehicle for sharing memes and reactions. But it also shows that science can be explained in short, digestible loops. Get a glimpse of a crawling cockroach, moving clouds of space dust and a spinning hurricane.

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