Friday's News & Ideas - 8/7/2020

  • Pew on church & coronavirus
  • US Catholics wrestle with BLM
  • Anti-abortion activists
  • Pope appoints 6 women
  • Trump attacks Biden’s faith
  • Parents prey to bad information

Americans oppose religious exemptions from coronavirus-related restrictions
Pew Research: Few regular worshippers say their congregations are operating normally, and most support the precautions being taken.

‘Racism makes a liar of God’*
The New York Times: How the American Catholic Church is wrestling with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The anti-abortion-rights movement prepares to build a post-Roe world*
The Atlantic: As activists move closer to their goal of making abortion illegal, they have started planning for the infrastructure needed for a world with more babies -- and recruiting major CEOs to bankroll their cause.

Pope appoints six women to top roles on Vatican council in progressive step
The Guardian: The appointments mark the most significant step by Francis to fulfil his promise of placing women in top positions.

Trump said Biden ‘hurt God.’ Biden has spent his life drawing from his Catholic faith.*
The Washington Post: Although Biden has prominently disagreed with the political goals of some religious groups, including the Catholic Church, he also has often proved that he understands them.

The Spark

Worried parents have become an easy target for online misinformation in this pandemic
Fearful parents are falling for -- and spreading -- bad information to each other about kids and Covid-19, Vox says.

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