Friday's News & Ideas

  • Truths about youth ministry
  • Hospice for churches
  • New legal strategy in abuse cases
  • Woman dies from falling church rubble
  • Iraq cleric blames U.S.
  • Adrift after college

An unspoken truth about teens who flee the Catholic churchNational Catholic Reporter: Young people live in a flurry of questions about human life and meaning. What often goes unnoticed is the extent to which their hunger remains unfilled by our churches.

Creating a hospice ministry for churchesChristianity Today: The death of a church does not have to be the end of its ministry, says Ed Stetzer.

Court ruling is victory for new legal strategy in clergy abuse casesMinneapolis Star-Tribune: Ruling lets victims cite clergy relocation as a public nuisance.

Falling rubble from church strikes, kills womanChicago Tribune: Chicago woman killed by stone falling from the outside wall of Second Presbyterian Church, a century-plus-old architectural jewel that in recent years had been hit with a number of building violations.

Church patriarch in Iraq blames U.S. for Christians' miseryWashington Post: The most senior Christian cleric in Iraq said the United States was "indirectly responsible" for the current chaos in Iraq.

The Spark

'Adrift' after college: how graduates failMany recent college graduates struggle to transition into adulthood, and their alma maters must share some of the blame, argue the authors of "Aspiring Adults Adrift." As the Chronicle of Higher Education reports, academic disengagement during college often translates into a lingering anomie after it.

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