Friday's News & Ideas - 9/18/2020

  • Will online worshipers stay?
  • Episcopal church selling building
  • Trump’s empty Bible
  • ‘Prayer, praise, and patriotism’ rally
  • Colonial Williamsburg church
  • Audre Lorde’s legacy

Will the coronavirus permanently convert in-person worshippers to online streamers? They don’t think so
Pew Research: One-third of U.S. adults have watched religious services online or on television in the past month, and a little over half of them say they began doing this for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Episcopal Diocese of Chicago planning to sell downtown headquarters
Religion News Service: The building costs $750,000 a year to maintain, according to the diocese.

What Trump taught America about the Bible*
The New Republic: The president is ignorant of its contents. But his nakedly political use of the good book has exposed an uncomfortable truth about Christianity today.

This election, evangelical supporters have more faith in Trump
Christianity Today: The campaign emphasizes another side of the president at “prayer, praise, and patriotism” rallies.

Beneath a Virginia parking lot rest the bones of an old Black church and, perhaps, its worshipers*
The Washington Post: Archaeologists have begun digging in Colonial Williamsburg for the remains of one of the country’s oldest African American congregations.

The Spark

The legacy of Audre Lorde
Lorde never grappled with only one aspect of identity,* Roxane Gay says at The Paris Review.

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