Friday's News & Ideas

  • Mars Hill & satellite churches
  • Pope's showers for homeless
  • Seminaries & church history
  • Clergy housing lawsuit dismissed
  • CoE children's saving clubs
  • Why remember the Berlin Wall

Is the end of Mark Driscoll's church a sign for satellite churches?On Faith: Mars Hill Church is dissolving its network of video-powered churches. What does this mean for the growing satellite church movement?

Pope Francis to build showers for homeless in St. Peter's SquareReligion News Service: In his latest bid to ease the suffering of the poor, Pope Francis plans to build showers for the homeless under the sweeping white colonnade of St. Peter's Square.

What post-seminary evangelicalism is missingChristianity Today: When young evangelicals are discouraged from going to seminary, they and the church miss out on at least one important thing: history.

Appeals court dismisses clergy housing lawsuitAssociated Press: A federal appeals court says the leaders of an anti-religion group in Wisconsin didn't have standing to challenge to the law that gives clergy tax-free housing allowances.

Church plans savings clubs in primary schoolsBBC: Children as young as four could have the chance to join savings clubs in an attempt to prevent them getting into debt later in life.

The Spark

Why remember Berlin's wall of shame?When the Berlin wall fell in 1989, a wave of post-unification eagerness swept through the city to erase all signs of the East German regime, including all remnants of the wall and its brutal history. But as William Collins Donahue writes in the Jerusalem Post, it is worth remembering the man who fought to preserve it, the pastor of the Church of the Reconciliation.

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