Friday's News & Ideas

  • Charismatic Catholics
  • Culture warrior in winter
  • UK assisted-dying debate
  • Apocalyptic sex
  • Fired worker sues diocese
  • Compensation for mortality

Charismatic Catholics want more from churchUSA Today: These charismatics are challenging the notion of Catholicism as a buttoned-up faith.

The culture warrior in winterNational Journal: Richard Land's fall and the end of the old Religious Right.

The hard work of dying: refusing the false logic of physician-assisted deathAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: Physician-assisted death does not add one more choice to decisions facing the patient. It reframes all other choices she must make.The (London) Guardian: Family, not religion, will influence our attitude to assisted dying

Apocalyptic sex: Lest we forgetABPnews/Herald: Christian history suggests that, try as it might, the Church can't resolve the flesh/spirit dilemma, past or present, Bill Leonard says.

Church pantry worker fired for being a lesbian sues Catholic dioceseThe Kansas City Star: A Kansas City woman fired from a Catholic food pantry in May sues the diocese and bishop.

The Spark

How mortality shapes our existenceWhat makes our species unique is that we know we are trapped in time, caught briefly between the prenatal darkness and the posthumous one, British novelist William Boyd writes in the Independent. And the compensation we seek for that brutal reality, he believes, is love.

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