Monday's News & Ideas - 10/28/2019

  • Married priests in Amazon?
  • Fines for those in sanctuary dropped
  • Opioid crisis at the church’s door
  • Tree of Life memorial
  • Growing consensus on ‘church’
  • Women who built Hollywood

Married men in remote part of Amazon may soon be allowed to become priests
NPR: Pope Francis still needs to affirm the proposal, but if approved, the change would represent a fundamental shift in what it has meant to be a Roman Catholic priest for nearly a millennium.
The Economist: Power in the Catholic church is shifting south and exposing divisions*

ICE drops $300,000 fine for an immigrant in church sanctuary
Religion News Service: “Un problema menos,” texted Rosa del Carmen Ortez-Cruz, a mother of four living in sanctuary at a Presbyterian church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “One less problem.”

When the opioid crisis shows up at our church’s doorstep
Christian Century: Dealing with our community’s real issues meant learning how to treat an overdose, Rochelle Stackhouse writes.

‘All my friends are dead’*
Washington Post: Healing has been a struggle for the community at The Tree of Life.

Vatican notes growing ecumenical consensus on what ‘church’ means
Crux: In a project that took two decades of work by Orthodox, Anglican, Protestant, Catholic and Pentecostal theologians, the World Council of Churches in 2013 published a document summarizing the points of greatest consensus.

The Spark

The women who helped build Hollywood
They played essential behind-the-scenes roles as the American movie industry was taking off. The New Yorker investigates what happened to that representation.*

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