Monday's News & Ideas

  • Return to Nicaea
  • Gallup morality poll
  • Unity of UMC
  • Church-state clash in China
  • Soul medicines
  • Happiness & disability

Christian leaders may return to Nicaea: what does it mean?The Atlantic: In 2025, Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians could go back to the place where early followers of Jesus tried to create a consensus among all of Christendom.

Gallup: Gay sex, divorce, extramarital sex reach new highs of 'moral acceptability'Religion News Service: Americans are showing more tolerance for a range of behaviors.

Unity of United Methodist Church called into question over gay ordination, same-sex marriage policiesThe Houston Chronicle: With more than 7 million members and roots in mainstream and evangelical theology, the United Methodist Church is the troubled giant of American Protestantism.United Methodist Reporter: Unity 10 years later

Church-state clash in China coalesces around a toppled spireThe New York Times: Wenzhou in eastern China has moved to the center of a national battle with a Communist Party increasingly suspicious of Christianity and the Western values it represents.

Mixing soul medicinesThe Economist: Worlds of religion and psychiatry not as estranged as before.

The Spark

Happiness and disabilitySurveys reveal that people with disabilities consistently report a good quality of life, the BBC magazine reports. So why is it often assumed they are unhappy?

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