Monday's News & Ideas

  • Jesus rides into the storm
  • Rwanda after 20 years
  • Forgiveness is something you do
  • Millennials talking to God
  • Priest flaunts ban in UK
  • Haunting art by children

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rides into the perfect stormAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: As he rode into Jerusalem, Jesus believed that he was embodying the divine hurricane, says N.T. Wright.

Forgiving the unforgivable in RwandaCNN Belief blog: This week, Rwanda begins commemorating the 20 years that have passed since the mass murder of Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

Forgiveness is not something you feel -- it is something that you doThe (London) Guardian: The problem with forgiveness as a kindly feeling towards a wrongdoer is that it is impossible for most of us.

Millennials 'talk to God,' but fewer rely on religion, survey findsNPR: Barely half of millennials look to religion for guidance, but a higher percentage "talk to God," suggesting that the 18-to-34 demographic is more spiritual than sectarian.

Gay priest flaunts Church of England same-sex marriage banChristian Today: A Church of England clergyman has defied his church's ban on same-sex marriage, marrying his partner in a ceremony in front of friends and family on Saturday.

The Spark

'Haunting' art by Jewish children in WW2 concentration campWhen art is described as "truly haunting", it is usually because the artist has captured something immutable. But as the BBC reports, while the works in a new exhibition do just that, the description has more to do with who created them and where they were produced, than the subject matter of the pictures.

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