Monday's News & Ideas

  • America's changing God
  • Top moonlighters
  • More trouble at Mars Hill
  • Christians & gay marriage
  • Air Force spurns atheist airman
  • When fun began

5 ways America changed GodCNN Belief blog: God is likely not exactly the same as God was yesterday, not here in the United States, not among America's faithful. Here, God changes.

The top moonlighters: Paramedics, firefighters, teachers, clergy and others who help those in needWashington Post: Which occupations pay so poorly as to generate the most moonlighters?

More trouble for Mars Hill: cutting jobs, merging churchesSeattle Times: Mars Hill church says financial issues have led it to consolidate or close some of its branches, including three in Seattle, and it plans to lay off some employees.

Will Christians ever bless gay marriage?The Atlantic: Some writers think that even as society changes, orthodox believers will stick to traditional beliefs.The Week: Why so many Christians won't back down on gay marriage

Air Force spurns atheist airman for refusing religious oath, group saysAljazeera: Serviceman at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada alleges he was denied reenlistment for refusing to say 'so help me God.'

The Spark

When Jews -- and everyone else -- learned how to have funAlthough people have always had fun, in no language does a pre-modern word for "fun" exist, the Jewish Daily Forward reports. "Fun" -- if we mean a form of pleasure engaged in for its own sake as one of society's main pursuits -- is a concept found only in places with a considerable amount of leisure time -- and no such place existed before the advent of modernity.

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