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  • Marilynne Robinson Q&A
  • Pope & the Devil
  • Iranian converts in Germany
  • Oregon ballot measure
  • Nuns reject criticism
  • Surrounded by beeps

Q&A: Marilynne Robinson on guns, gay marriage and CalvinismReligion News Service: Marilynne Robinson explains why she thinks Christians are fearful, why she loves theologian John Calvin and whether she'll join Twitter.

A modern pope gets old school on the DevilWashington Post: After little more than a year atop the Throne of St. Peter, Francis's teachings on Satan are already regarded as the most old school of any pope since at least Paul VI.

'Our second mother': Iran's converted Christians find sanctuary in GermanyThe (London) Guardian: Crackdown on Muslim-turned-Christians has seen an increasing number seek refuge, giving religious life a small boost in one of the most 'godless' places on earth.

Campaign to turn away same-sex couples moves aheadAssociated Press: A ballot measure is moving forward aimed at business owners who want to turn away same-sex couples whose weddings they object to for religious reasons.

Nuns say they will continue dialogue despite Vatican criticismsReligion News Service: The American nuns who were publicly scolded by the Vatican's top doctrinal official for disobedience and promoting unorthodox beliefs have rejected the criticisms.

The Spark

The ubiquity of the modern beepWe're surrounded by beeps. From reversing vehicles to supermarket checkouts to trains, they punctuate our day. But, as the BBC magazine asks, what's the story behind them?

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