Monday's News & Ideas - 11/2/2020

  • Clergy urge peace
  • Pastors make political appeals
  • Thomas Jefferson’s Bible
  • Patron saint of the internet
  • Jaime Harrison’s faith
  • What is abolition?

Priests, deacons ask fellow clergy to ease fears over election results
Crux: More than 100 priests and deacons have encouraged fellow clergymen to help ease the fear and uncertainty people may hold over possible violence stemming from the presidential election outcome.

As Election Day looms, Christian pastors make bold political appeals
Religion News Service: Prominent clergy on both sides urged their flocks to vote, even as they defended the propriety of addressing politics from the pulpit.

Reading Thomas Jefferson’s Bible*
The Atlantic: The president preferred Jesus’s teachings to his supernatural acts -- and edited his copy of the New Testament accordingly.

Why Gen Z Catholics want a patron saint of the internet*
Slate: His popularity points to the ways that Catholic devotionalism has been expanding into digital spaces.

Jaime Harrison’s pragmatic faith and record funding have lifted a liberal contender in South Carolina
Religion News Service: Harrison has run on a spiritual brand of politics that may feel alien to many of the Democrats from outside South Carolina who have provide him with unprecedented funding.

The Spark

So you’re thinking about becoming an abolitionist
Is abolition* too drastic? Can we really get rid of prisons and policing all together? Level asks.

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