Monday's News & Ideas - 11/30/2020

  • Churches on Indigenous land
  • Advent, season of sighs
  • Biden’s Catholic critics
  • Pope Francis op-ed
  • SCOTUS on COVID restrictions
  • What is dark matter?

Churches return land to Indigenous groups as part of #LandBack movement
Religion News Service: The returns come as some mainline Protestant Christian denominations have learned about and repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery, the justification for European Christians to seize lands already inhabited by Indigenous peoples.

Advent is a season of sighs, especially this year*
Christian Century: We don’t pine for a second coming that will bring the world to an end. We pray for the indwelling of Christ that will enable the world to continue.

Joe Biden’s harshest critics are likely to be some of his fellow Catholics*
The Washington Post: To conservative Catholics, it is not just Biden’s stance on abortion that angers them, it is the kind of Catholicism he represents.

Pope Francis: A crisis reveals what is in our hearts*
The New York Times: To come out of this pandemic better than we went in, we must let ourselves be touched by others’ pain.

In a 5-4 ruling, Supreme Court sides with religious groups in a dispute over Covid-19 restrictions in New York
CNN: The case is the latest pitting religious groups against city and state officials seeking to stop the spread of Covid-19, and it highlights the impact of Justice Amy Coney Barrett on the court.

The Spark

Dark matter, unexplained
Dark matter holds our universe together. No one knows what it is, Vox says.

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