Monday's News & Ideas - 11/4/2019

  • UMC court dissent
  • Josh Harris interview
  • Serving small congregations
  • Spanish Bible returns
  • Religious vaccine exemption
  • Porch pirates

Dissent from Traditional Plan dominates United Methodists’ top court meeting
Religion News Service: Earlier this year the United Methodist Church’s top court upheld much of the Traditional Plan, but questions about that plan still dominated the Judicial Council meeting this past week in suburban Evanston, Illinois.

Josh Harris, fallen evangelical mega-pastor: "I excommunicated myself"
Axios: Josh Harris, once one of America's most famous evangelical pastors, gave his first interview since renouncing Christianity.

Small churches, big changes
Deseret News: The Catholic Church may soon ordain married priests. It’s not the only church taking bold steps to serve small congregations.

500 years after the expulsion of Spain’s Jews, medieval Bible comes home
The Guardian: A priceless volume that survived centuries after the exile of its persecuted owners finally returns to Galicia.

Rise in religious vaccine exemptions suggests some parents are making false claims, study suggests
STAT: The new study reports that states that do not have personal belief vaccination exemptions are four times more likely to have children claiming religious exemptions than states that offer parents both types of exemptions.

The Spark

The porch pirate of Potrero Hill can’t believe it came to this
When a longtime resident started stealing her neighbors’ Amazon packages, she entered a vortex* of smart cameras, Nextdoor rants, and cellphone surveillance, The Atlantic says.

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