Monday's News & Ideas

  • Church is doing OK
  • Institutions & church
  • Crowdfunding a new boiler
  • Politics of school holidays
  • Francis coming to US
  • Secrets of the coxswain

The Church of England is actually holding up pretty well in an adverse marketThe (London) Guardian: More people go to church on Sunday in the UK than go to Premier League stadiums on Saturday, or belong to all the political parties put together, says Giles Fraser

A paradoxy churchDaily Episcopalian: What is it with institutions? You can't live in 'em, can't live without 'em.

Church turns to crowdfunding when boiler failsMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Thanks to an online fundraising campaign that has drawn generous donors from around the world, a poor church in Milwaukee is installing a new boiler.

The delicate politics of school holidaysReligion News Service: A Maryland school board's decision to remove religious names from school holidays may be a smart political move, but it nonetheless postpones a more substantial conversation.

Pope Francis confirms he will visit the United States next yearThe New York Times: Pope Francis confirms that he will make his first papal visit to the United States in September 2015.

The Spark

The secrets of the coxswainPerched in one end of a rowing scull, the coxswain -- or "cox" -- shouts instructions to the rowing crew during a race to make sure the boat moves as swiftly and straight as possible. As NPR reports, we could all use an adept coxswain at certain times in life.

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