Monday's News & Ideas

  • Religious to spiritual and back
  • Autonomy is the problem
  • Hobby Lobby law firm
  • Religious leaders & Twitter
  • Jewish-evangelical relationship
  • Money where your values are

From religious to spiritual -- and back againAmerica: The journey from one's original faith to another religion will perhaps only rarely be the end of the story.

If Christianity is a romance, helping those we love to die is an abandonmentThe (London) Guardian: With the Christian romance, autonomy is precisely the problem and not the solution. Here Christianity is at its most countercultural, says Giles Fraser.

Becket Fund law firm gaining a reputation as powerhouse after Hobby Lobby winMcClatchy-Tribune News Service: Hobby Lobby decision has thrust a once little-known law firm into the center of a growing conservative movement.

Hey religious leaders, maybe Twitter isn't a great place to pontificateOn Faith: For many thought leaders, Twitter is not a good look.

Why evangelicals' love for Jews is a case of unrequited loveReligion News Service: Although survey deserves a skeptical look, the discrepancy in the Jewish-evangelical relationship is too large to dismiss.

The Spark

Put your money where your values areWe may be living in a material world but being a material girl is definitely not the path to happiness. Scientific American offers a few simple steps that can help anyone conquer materialism.

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