Monday's News & Ideas - 11/9/2020

  • Biden's likely faith advisers
  • Christian conservatives reflect
  • 5 post-election challenges
  • Outbreak at LA megachurch
  • Jonathan Sacks dies at 72
  • What English word hasn't changed in millennia?

Who will President Joe Biden listen to on faith matters?
Religion News Service: Biden has always shown a penchant for listening to trusted friends and experts. Look for him to listen to key voices -- some of whom may disagree with him -- from his own Catholic community, from Judaism and, yes, evangelicals.

Christian conservatives respond to Trump’s loss and look ahead*
New York Times: As Republican evangelicals processed the week’s events, they reflected on how much they had gained in the last four years and on their fears over what could happen under a Biden administration. They also wondered when and how they would regain power.
America: Survey: Biden and Trump split the 2020 Catholic vote almost evenly
Fox News: Pastor Robert Jeffress: Biden is president-elect -- how should Christians respond?

Five challenges for the church after this election
Baptist News Global: The church’s witness in the world has been damaged almost beyond repair, Mark Wingfield writes. The politicization of the faith, the abandonment of biblical teaching, the hypocrisy, the sacrifice of truth, the love of money and status -- all these have caused the church to lose relevance and authority to speak to modern culture.

L.A. megachurch pastor mocks pandemic health orders, even as church members fall ill
Los Angeles Times: At Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church, unmasked congregations pack the pews while neighbors plead with congregants to consider the health implications for the largely Latino neighborhood around it. 

Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi, dies aged 72
The Guardian: The former chief rabbi who reached beyond the UK Jewish community to the wider public, has died of cancer at the age of 72. His regular broadcasts on BBC Radio as well as his books and newspaper articles ensured he reached a wide audience for his views on Jewish values in the 21st century.

The Spark

The English word that hasn’t changed in sound or meaning in 8,000 years
That word is “lox.” It’s still pronounced “lox” and it still means salmon.

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