Monday's News & Ideas

  • Fastest growing ELCA church
  • Outdoor Church of Cambridge
  • Pope & the parish
  • Church & stage
  • Treasure in the ashes
  • Getting lost & Flight 370

Lutheran Church of Hope: Fastest-growing church of its kind adds urban missionDes Moines (Iowa) Register: Hope Des Moines will move into a new home downtown this summer, creating an urban mission outpost of the largest, fastest-growing church in the ELCA.

Administering to the flock, where they areBoston Globe: The Outdoor Church of Cambridge, which is really just a couple of part-time ministers rolling an altar-on-a-shopping-cart around town, is religion in the raw.

An Illinois parish shows why Pope Francis can't fix the Catholic Church by himselfWashington Post: Some members of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Mount Carmel, Ill., dare to hope that Pope Francis can save their parish after an awfully rough couple of years.

A marriage of church and stageThe Wall Street Journal: The Archdiocese of New York is getting into the downtown theater scene.

After 3 days of prayers in East Harlem, a treasure is found in the ashesThe New York Times: Buried among the scorched debris, firefighters found a Bible belonging to the Spanish Christian Church.

The Spark

What a missing jet means to a world where people rarely get lostStuff just doesn't get lost the way it used to. House keys and eyeglasses still get misplaced, sure, but important things and very large things -- like airplanes -- don't simply vanish, Lisa Miller writes at New York magazine. Which may explain the obsession with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

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