Monday's News & Ideas - 12/14/2020

  • Hate group burns church sign
  • Churches & reparations
  • Police shoot gunman outside cathedral
  • Vaccine skepticism puts pastor at risk
  • Clergy serving in Congress
  • New Christmas movies

‘Proud Boys’ burn Black Lives Matter signs at churches in Washington
Religion News Service: Following protests supporting President Donald Trump, people affiliated with the hate group tore down signs belonging to churches and set at least one on fire.

More US churches commit to racism-linked reparations
Associated Press: Some religious groups are part of a surge in interest in how to make amends to African Americans for slavery.

Police fatally shoot man who opened fire outside Manhattan cathedral*
The New York Times: The shooting took place on the steps of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine just after a carol service had ended.

A pastor’s life depends on a coronavirus vaccine. Now he faces skeptics in his church.*
The Washington Post: Contracting COVID-19 could kill him, but many in this pastor’s church are wary of the vaccine and may not take it.

Why do so few clergy serve in Congress?
The Conversation: If Raphael Warnock wins a Georgia Senate seat, he would be one of two ordained ministers in that chamber. In the U.S. House of Representatives, only about 2% of members are ordained ministers.

The Spark

The four Christmas movies you should watch this month
Featuring diverse casts, intergenerational themes and an eye to social issues, these holiday movies are what the season needs, according to the National Catholic Reporter.

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