Monday's News & Ideas - 1/27/2020

  • ‘Disruptive innovation’ thinker dies
  • Warren’s interfaith council
  • DeVos likens abortion to slavery
  • Cardinal against partisan politics
  • Habit of Epiphany
  • ‘American Dirt’ controversy

Clayton Christensen, guru of disruptive innovation and Latter-day Saint leader, dies at 67
Deseret News: The management thinker influenced Apple’s Steve Jobs, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Intel’s Andy Grove.

Warren rolls out council of interfaith advisers
Associated Press: Elizabeth Warren on Friday tapped religious leaders from a variety of backgrounds to serve as an interfaith council for her presidential campaign, making her one of several Democratic contenders to invest in outreach to voters of faith.

Betsy DeVos compares ending abortion with ending slavery
HuffPost: The education secretary told conservatives their fight to restrict abortion access was like President Abraham Lincoln’s quest to abolish “a vast moral evil.”

Cardinal Cupich warns against the Church entering partisan politics
Crux: One day after President Donald Trump became the first sitting president to address the March for Life, Cardinal Blase Cupich cautioned that “the Church’s job is not to discern which political, partisan or military force we should support.”

Making a habit out of Epiphany
Christian Century: Epiphanies flare up and fade. How can we keep them in our everyday vision?

The Spark

‘American Dirt’ is proof the publishing industry is broken
The clumsy high-profile rollout of the polarizing novel* points to a larger issue concerning how new books are promoted, The New York Times says.

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