Monday's News & Ideas

  • Women @ the Vatican
  • Fresh Expressions
  • Godless church goes global
  • Blessed by thy bicycle
  • Evangelicals & climate change
  • Simple way to boost creativity

Women come to power in the VaticanNewsweek: The appointment of four women to protect children goes far beyond symbolic gestures and academic dialogue.

"Fresh Expressions" of church in the United KingdomChristianity Today: Christianity in the United Kingdom is not dead. In fact, it may have new life in "Fresh Expressions of Church."

Godless church services for atheists go globalThe Daily Beast: Congregations for atheists are springing up all over the planet. There's already a schism: celebrate life without a deity, or preach atheism. The celebration is winning.

Blessed be thy bicycle: New York riders roll into churchNPR: For the last 16 years, cyclists have been coming to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to get blessed for the Five Boro Bike Tour, and for the rest of the year.

Why should evangelical Christians care about climate change?Slate: Here are five reasons from an evangelical Christian climate scientist.

The Spark

World's simplest way to be more creativeSometimes science turns up wild findings or uncovers strange realities from far away galaxies or long ago times. But as Inc. reports, a new study out of Stanford offers a head-slappingly simple intervention to try if you need a creative idea.

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