Monday's News & Ideas

  • Pope seeks frank debate
  • Income & giving
  • Cost/benefits of religion
  • Churches sued for youth pastor
  • Atheists tweeting
  • Milky coffee & politics

Pope seeks frank, fearless debate on family issuesWashington Post: Pope Francis urged bishops to speak their minds without fear about contentious issues at the start of a two-week meeting aimed at making the Church's teaching on family matters relevant to today's Catholics.The Daily Beast: The Pope vs. the Church on family values?

Report: Which states give the most to charity? The ones with church-goers.Washington Post: Poor and middle-income Americans are reaching deeper into their pockets when donating to charity, while the nation's wealthiest are giving less.

A cost-benefit analysis of being JewishThe Atlantic: Economist Carmel Chiswick looks at religion not as a spiritual practice but as a good, something that is bought. How much is it worth?

Parents sue 2 churches after youth pastor solicits daughterHouston Chronicle: The parents of a teenage girl are suing two Houston churches, claiming the organizations were negligent by employing a youth pastor who was convicted of sexually soliciting their daughter.

Atheists tweet more often than Muslims, Jews, Christians, study showsReligion News Service: A new study of Twitter finds that self-identified religious users are more likely to tweet to members of their own faith than to members of a different one.

The Spark

Why are lattes associated with liberals?The phrase "latte liberal" is a familiar pejorative in the US. As the BBC magazine asks, what is it about milky coffee that people associate with left-of-centre politics?

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