Monday's News & Ideas

  • Seminary a protest hub
  • Pope: more female theologians
  • Does black church matter?
  • Church & spiritual education
  • Church plant failure
  • When you're poor

How a New York seminary became a hub for Eric Garner protestsThink Progress: In New York City, one of the newest organizing hubs for the recent protests has been Union Theological Seminary.

The Church needs more female theologians, says Pope FrancisCatholic Herald: Pontiff describes women members of International Theological Commission as 'strawberries on the cake.'

In troubled times, does 'the black church' still matter?NPR: An interview with Reverend Raphael Warnock and Eddie Glaude, Jr. about the role of black churches in the wake of major protests and demonstrations inspired by events in Ferguson and New York City.

Church on Sunday: because spiritual education takes more than good intentionsThe New York Times: What does it even mean, to raise children to be spiritual, with or without religion?

In the Spirit: A church start-up, filled with early promise, doesn't make it beyond Year 3Wisconsin State Journal: After a promising start, a church plant fails to attract a broad demographic that could financially sustain that work.

The Spark

Why poor people stay poorThings that are simple annoyances for people with money can become major crises for people who have little, Linda Tirado writes at Slate. When you have no financial cushion, your life can spiral out of control. Anything can make you lose your apartment, because any unexpected problem that pops up, like they do, can set off that Rube Goldberg device.

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