Monday's News & Ideas - 1/6/2020

  • UMC announces plan to split
  • Trump campaigns to evangelicals
  • Geofencing at church
  • Armed security for sanctuaries?
  • Latino atheists
  • When someone feels no pain

United Methodist Church announces plan to split over same-sex marriage*
New York Times: Under an agreement to be voted on in May, a new “traditionalist Methodist” denomination would continue to ban same-sex marriage and gay and lesbian clergy.

In speech to evangelicals, Trump says God is ‘on our side’
Religion News Service: President Donald Trump insisted that he is favored by God during a speech to evangelicals as he kicked off a new campaign initiative aimed at conservative Christians.

Geofencing at church is dead wrong
National Catholic Reporter: The geofencing efforts being employed by a group called are frightening.

Some churches move toward armed security during services
Associated Press: Churches are sanctuaries, places where a message of peace and understanding guide the mission. However, in a modern world, more churches are weighing the heavy burden of “protecting [the] flocks.”

In a church of their own, Latino atheists fear no God. But Mom? That’s another matter*
LA Times: It’s not easy being an atheist raised in a devoutly Catholic culture. But in the San Gabriel Valley, you don’t have to doubt God’s existence all alone. You can head to the monthly meetup of secular Latinos.

The Spark

A world without pain
Because of a combination of genetic quirks, Joanne Cameron* experiences suffering mostly as “an abstract thing,” The New Yorker says.

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