Monday's News & Ideas

  • A row over Sunday ferries
  • For some Episcopalians : Stay or go?
  • The iconic iconography of icons

First Sunday ferry sparks religious row on Scottish islandThe (London) Telegraph: A car ferry has sparked a fierce religious row by breaking the traditional Sabbath-day peace of a small Scottish island.

Getty displays medieval manuscripts focusing on King DavidLos Angeles Times: A collection of medieval illuminated Psalters and religious texts illustrates the Hebrew king's struggle with good and evil.

A constant parish, now called to leave?Washington Post: As their denomination inched closer to ordaining more gay bishops and blessing same-sex unions, a tiny rural parish wonders if it will remain Episcopalian.The New York Times:  Pared-down Episcopal Church is looking to grow through ‘inclusivity’

Why Generation X has the leaders we need nowHarvard Business blogs: The experiences that shaped Gen X'ers make them the leaders we need.

From the Vatican, a tough readThe New York Times:  Beliefs columnist Peter Steinfels asks why the Pope’s Benedict new encyclical on the world economy is so poorly written?

The Spark

Icons aren't what they used to beRight after Roger Federer won at Wimbledon this month, Pete Sampras declared, “The guy is a legend; now he's an icon.” Later, In Touch and other magazines referred to both Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett as felled icons. Though Ed McMahon was awarded iconic status by only a few small media outlets, many more icons were on the way. Karl Malden was widely described as a screen and a television icon. Last week, Drake Levin of Paul Revere & the Raiders died, and sure enough, the press reported that a guitar icon from an iconic group was no longer here to be iconographic. As the Wall Street Journal notes, icons are increasingly hard to avoid.