Monday's News & Ideas

  • Religion & party ID
  • Reinvented church
  • Goodbye to Friendship
  • Star-Tribune to bishop: resign
  • The Jesuits' appeal
  • In this thing together

Religion remains a strong marker of political identity in U.S.Gallup: Even as overall party identification trends have shifted, the relationship between religion and party identification has remained consistent.

Hit by lightning, church reinvented itselfPhiladelphia Inquirer: Instead of seeing 1994 fire as a sign to call it quits, congregation reinvents its building as something more than just another church where people go to sit on hard benches once a week.

Saying goodbye to FriendshipThe New York Times: In path of Falcons' new stadium, Atlanta church awaits demolition.

To heal church, Nienstedt must goMinneapolis Star-Tribune: Newspaper calls for archbishop's resignation, saying he cannot be a force for reform in Twin Cities archdiocese.

Why the Jesuits (including Pope Francis) are on the frontlines of faithCNN Belief blog: What explains the Jesuits' enduring appeal?

The Spark

Marriage: two people 'in this thing together'Marriage is a cosmic crapshoot, Michael Leach writes at the National Catholic Reporter. You have to be lucky enough to marry the right person but then you must also be the right person. Marriage is about two people endeavoring to be the right person day in and day out.

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