Monday's News & Ideas

  • UMC local option proposal
  • Riverside hires Amy Butler
  • Believers more generous
  • Francis/Bartholomew bromance
  • Bergdahl pastor calls for mercy
  • Obsessing over your likes and retweets

Trying to avoid split, United Methodist pastors propose new approach to gay rights issuesWashington Post: Hundreds of UMC pastors have signed a proposal that aims to keep the global denomination of 12.5 million members from splitting over the issue of homosexuality.

D.C. pastor becomes first woman to head N.Y.C.'s influential Riverside ChurchWashington Post: Manhattan's historic Riverside Church votes to hire the Rev. Amy Butler as senior minister, the first woman to hold the job once filled by famed pastor William Sloane Coffin.

Religion 'makes people more generous'The (London) Telegraph: Religious people are more generous than non-believers when it comes to giving to charity, research claims.

Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew: A budding bromance?Religion News Service: When Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew joins Pope Francis at the Vatican to pray for peace in the Holy Land, it will be the latest demonstration of a remarkable relationship the two leaders have forged in a very short time.

Former Bergdahl pastor calls for mercy for 'prodigal son' BoweChristianity Today: "Christians are getting engaged in the lynching," he says. "In any other situation, we'd be hugging the parents."

The Spark

You've been obsessing over your likes and retweets way too muchThe digital age version of the proverbial tree falling in the woods question is: Does something exist if it hasn't been liked, favorited, linked to, or re-tweeted? According to many tech critics, the answer is no, Wired reports. But if chasing other people's approval is a shallow way to live, how can we course correct?

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