Monday's News & Ideas

  • Young, single women & generosity
  • Churches a safe place in Ferguson
  • What to do with $500
  • Secular salvation myth
  • The Good Wife & religion
  • A cook, a janitor & caring

Young, single women without religious ties are generous donorsColumbus (Ohio) Dispatch: Given America's strong connection between religion and giving, what are charities to do in an increasingly secular nation? Look to young, single women who don't have a religious affiliation -- the so-called Nones.

Churches to serve as safe spaces after Ferguson grand jury announcementReligion News Service: Dozens of clergy members are preparing to once again offer their churches as safe spaces, or sanctuaries.National Catholic Reporter: Young activists take the stage in Ferguson

The gift of giving: Church members each get $500 to do good around world or close to homeAssociated Press: Church members are doing just what their pastor envisioned when she distributed the checks that first Sunday in September.

Our secular salvation myth distances us from realityThe (London) Guardian: We are sold the simple story that we have been saved from the dark ages by the clear moral vision of science, rationality and Apple computers.

The Good Wife's religion politics: voters have no faith in Alicia's atheismThe Daily Beast: All religions condemn lying, but The Good Wife's Alicia Florrick likely will not be elected as state's attorney if she runs as an atheist.

The Spark

"If we left, they wouldn't have nobody."In 2013, Maurice Rowland was a cook and his friend Miguel Alvarez, a janitor, at an assisted living home in California. That fall, the company that managed the home suddenly shut it down, leaving many of the elderly residents with nowhere to go. When the staff stopped being paid they all left, except for Maurice and Miguel. At StoryCorps they remembered caring for the abandoned residents.

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