Monday's News & Ideas

  • Real war on religion
  • Francis meets abuse victims
  • Christianity & hell
  • Arizona synagogue/church
  • Nazism & repentance
  • Drawn to Sandtown

After Hobby Lobby, time to face the real war on religionBoston Globe: This is what a real "war on religion" looks like.

Pope Francis holds first meeting with sex abuse victimsBBC: Pope Francis has met the victims of sexual abuse by priests for the first time since his election last year.

Hell-bentAeon: Younger Christians may be ditching doctrines of fire and brimstone -- but will Christianity ever get rid of hell entirely?

In Scottsdale, Christianity, Judaism move in togetherArizona Republic: The relationship between a synagogue and a church in north Scottsdale is more than just a marriage of space and convenience.

The contours of contrition The Economist: Nazism and repentance.

The Spark

Downwardly mobile for JesusMatthew Loftus doesn't fit into the typical narratives about changing American communities. For him and many others, Aljazeera reports, it's not coffee shops or home values drawing them to places like the Sandtown neighborhood in West Baltimore. It's Jesus.

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