Monday's News & Ideas

  • New pastor, no gasps @ Riverside
  • Old time Southern religion
  • GTS & progressive Christianity
  • Veritas thriving on campuses

  • Young bankers & prayer

  • LED lights a godsend

A warm embrace for Riverside Church's first female leader The New York Times: The Rev. Amy Butler last week formally became pastor of one of the nation's most prominent liberal Protestant churches. And there were no wide-eyed stares, no raised eyebrows, no gasps of disbelief.

Southern religion isn't always what it's made out to be. Sometimes it's thisThe Birmingham (Ala.) News: The religion that John Archibald learned had nothing to do with anger, exasperation, or judgment. It had everything to do with people. And fairness. And compassion.

General Theological Seminary and progressive ChristianityPatheos: Our commitment to progressive Christianity is a fragile thing, rooted more in a commitment to progressive political views than it is to views grounded in an understanding of God's will.

Can Christians still go to Harvard? The Daily Beast: America's colleges are increasingly hostile to religion, but a Veritas, a Christian organization, has found a way to thrive.

Archbishop: young bankers must learn to prayThe (London) Telegraph: Justin Welby says brightest young bankers should join a 'quasi-monastic community' to learn about ethics before entering the City.

The Spark

LED lights are a 'transformative technology' in the developing world When three scientists recently won the Nobel Prize for discoveries that made LED lighting possible, most Americans probably thought of the LED screen in their TV. Less familiar is the revolution LED bulbs have helped set off in the developing world. As NPR reports, for those who live without reliable sources of electricity, LED lights have been a godsend.

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