Monday's News & Ideas - 2/15/2021

  • Biden reestablishes faith office
  • Christians on skipping vaccine
  • Making rituals COVID-safe
  • Immigrant leaves sanctuary
  • Religious diversity in workplace
  • At a vaccination center

Biden signs executive order reestablishing White House faith office
Religion News Service: The order reappoints Melissa Rogers, who headed the office under President Barack Obama.

Americans divided on letting people skip COVID-19 vaccine for religious reasons
HuffPost: White evangelicals and Protestants of color are more likely to support religious exemptions to the coronavirus vaccine, a new survey finds.

From ‘Lent-in-a-box’ to ‘Ash N Dash’
Sojourners: The challenge of making sacred rituals COVID safe.

After three years in a church facing deportation, ‘Today I have freedom’
The New York Times: Saheeda Nadeem, 65, an undocumented immigrant from Pakistan who was given sanctuary by First Congregational Church in Kalamazoo, Mich., learned this week that she would not be deported, her lawyer said.

The power of religious diversity in the workplace
Deseret News: While corporate America has embraced diversity for decades, many are only now seeking to build religiously inclusive environments.

The Spark

Behind the scenes at a COVID-19 vaccination center
Bainbridge Island’s Medical Reserve Corp is making sure not a single dose goes to waste, Elemental reports.

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