Monday's News & Ideas

  • An appointment with God
  • From Sweden: A Bible like no other
  • ‘Whassup . . . with Psalm 11?’
  • An Army man changes his mind

Adoration with no endBoston Globe:  Perpetual adoration, 24-hour Eucharistic ritual, returns to Boston.

Bible rebranded for hip audienceWashington Times:  For those who complain that the young and hip aren't interested in religious things, Julia Duin has a Bible for you.

Churches hosting chats about faith over beersAustin (Texas) American-Statesman:  In Austin, Theology on Tap programs pair drinking with spontaneous dialogue about faith.

The lesson of the 38 candy barsThe New York Times:  CEO Gary E. McCullough says the most important leadership lesson he ever learned was the importance of small gestures.

The Spark

U.S. delusionsAfter years of making choices, following orders, building a career and coming to terms with the degradation of war, professor and former soldier Andrew Bacevich looks in the mirror and sees “a slow learner.” “I think I've come to see things the way they really are,” Bacevich tells The Christian Century. “I've now come to an understanding of American society and why the world works the way it does in a way that I believe is true. What amazes me is [that] it took me 61 years to reach these conclusions. Why was I so blind for so long? Why was I so deluded? I regret that it has taken me so long to get where I am.”