Monday's News & Ideas - 2/22/2021

  • Zacharias’ ordination revoked
  • SBC church expelled for inclusion?
  • Disinformation & evangelicalism
  • Disparities for college applications
  • Biden seeks communion
  • Strain on textiles falls on workers

Ravi Zacharias’s denomination revokes ordination
Christianity Today: The Christian and Missionary Alliance finds “pattern of predatory behavior” but defends handling of previous accusation.

Georgia SBC church faces banishment for accepting LGBTQ members
Religion News Service: As the South changes, its dominant denomination faces defining decisions over inclusion.

Disinformation fuels a white evangelical movement. It led one Virginia pastor to quit
NPR: A recent survey by the conservative American Enterprise Institute shows that 3 in 5 white evangelicals say Biden was not legitimately elected.

Interest surges in top colleges, while struggling ones scrape for applicants*
The New York Times: Waiving standardized test requirements during the pandemic brought more hopefuls to the Ivy League and large state schools, while less-selective colleges face an alarming drop.

A Catholic sinner seeks communion -- and happens to be president*
The Atlantic: Some bishops -- and many conservative laypeople -- think Joe Biden should be denied access to one of the faith’s most important sacraments.

The Spark

Sweatpants sales are booming, but the workers who make them are earning even less
Brands owe factories $22 billion. Workers are bearing the brunt, Vox reports.

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