Monday's News & Ideas - 2/24/2020

  • Vanier’s sexual abuse 
  • Religious groups & coronavirus
  • Ash Wednesday grime
  • Religious dating apps
  • Why the ‘nones’ leave
  • Unseen rural disasters

Internal report finds that L’Arche founder Jean Vanier engaged in decades of sexual misconduct
America: Mr. Vanier is accused of sexual misconduct with six adult, non-disabled women who sought spiritual direction from the late activist, author and philosopher.
L’Arche UK: L’Arche International inquiry into historic sexual abuse by Jean Vanier

Religious groups in China step into the coronavirus crisis*
New York Times: In temples, mosques and churches, China’s believers have been eager to fight the virus. Not all their efforts have been well received.

Why we need the grime of Ash Wednesday
Christian Century: Like the sludge on a car in the winter, most of our messes accumulate gradually.

‘I thought I would find a husband, not a stalker’: Do religious dating apps put women in danger?
Deseret News: The feeling of safety on religious dating sites may be an illusion, and a dangerous one at that.

Religious leaders need ‘Empty the Pews’ which chronicles the darker side of the ‘nones’ phenomenon
Religion Dispatches: Most individual stories about religious disaffiliation are far more complicated than just checking “none of the above” on a survey.

The Spark

Eastern Kentucky has been underwater, but you probably didn’t notice
When trouble* comes to rural people -- whether they’re in Kentucky, California, Montana, or Michigan -- the media mostly shrug, The Atlantic says.

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