Monday's News & Ideas

  • Troubles for rock star pastors
  • Churches with water/skate parks
  • Colbert, Sunday School teacher
  • Russell Moore sexual ethicist
  • Young American Muslims
  • WWI & post-Christian ritual

'Rock star' pastors lose their lusterReligion News Service: It's not easy being a celebrity pastor these days with that pesky Internet around.Seattle Times: Mars Hill protesters call for pastor's resignation

Churches with skate parks, water parks coming to SurpriseArizona Republic: Churches are moving from traditional one-day-a-week models to a center with many services and amenities including water parks, skate parks and batting cages

America's best known Sunday School teacher in actionCommonweal: For younger Americans, there's a good chance that Stephen Colbert now occupies the role once held by Jimmy Carter.

Russell Moore answers all you wanted to know about sex (but were afraid to ask)Religion News Service: Though he often grapples with contentious political issues, Moore has spent much of his first year at the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission as the sexual ethicist in chief.

Muslim movement accepts once-taboo causesAssociated Press: A small but growing number of American Muslims are challenging the long-standing interpretations of Islam that defined their parents' world.

The Spark

First World War ritual that sheds little lightLast night, lights were turned off all over Britain as part of an art installation marking the centenary of WWI. Andrew Brown of The (London) Guardian says the commemoration is an example of post-Christian ritual. In the place of liturgy, pointing towards God, there is art, pointing towards significance. But what it signifies is no longer clear or explicit.

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