Monday's News & Ideas - 2/8/2021

  • Addressing Christian nationalism
  • SCOTUS rules against service ban
  • Mexican religious demographics
  • Lecrae vs. Charlie Kirk
  • Francis appoints woman to synod
  • Tipping is a legacy of slavery

How Americans can address Christian nationalism in their congregations and communities
Deseret News: On Jan. 6, a virulent form of Christian nationalism burst into the public view. What can religious leaders and others do to bring these people -- and the country -- back from the brink?

Supreme Court rules against Calif., doubles down on religious rights amid pandemic
NPR: A deeply divided Supreme Court doubled down on religious rights late Friday, ruling that California can no longer continue with a ban on indoor church services put in place to fight to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mexican census: Evangelicals at new high, Catholics at new low
Christianity Today: Thanks to migration, missions, and Pentecostal flair, Protestants now make up a 10th of the population.

Christian rapper Lecrae brushes off GOP activist’s attempt to cancel him
HuffPost: “Even on a spiritual level, it’s like bro, who are you?” Lecrae said after Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk suggested banning him from church performances.

‘A door has opened’: Pope Francis appoints first woman to senior synod post
The Guardian: France’s Nathalie Becquart, undersecretary of synod of bishops, is first woman to hold the rank which gives voting rights.

The Spark

Tipping is a legacy of slavery
Abolish the racist, sexist subminimum wage* now, Michelle Alexander says at The New York Times.

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