Monday's News & Ideas

  • Chicago gets new archbishop
  • Religious leaders and climate change
  • What does 'death cult' mean?
  • Innovative success
  • Voluntary homelessness

Chicago meets its new archbishop as the ‘Pope Francis effect’ sets inReligion News Service: Pope Francis has chosen Spokane Bishop Blase Cupich to be the next archbishop of Chicago. In the pontiff’s most important U.S. appointment to date, he chose a bishop who shares the Pope’s own emphasis on listening to the flock and caring for the poor.The Guardian: Pope Francis praises human rights and religious freedom during Albania visit

Competing to save the earth The Economist: During the 48 hours before the big meeting on climate change opens this week in New York, two interfaith organizations will host a "summit" of their own, backed by 30 prominent faith leaders.Interfaith Power & Light: Religious statements on climate changeHuffington Post: Faith photos from the people's climate march

Isis, Hamas, Haiti and the Catholic church: on the use of 'death cults'The Guardian: The idea of the death cult has been used to justify the political decision to make war on another nation or group, or to increase domestic security.

Peter Thiel, and the not-so-secret secret of innovative successThe Week: You should read Peter Thiel's new book, “Zero to One,” writes Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, even if you don't have the slightest interest in business. The book is ostensibly about startups, but it’s really about how you should live your life, whether or not you're an entrepreneur.

The Spark

Homeless on purposeTo learn about the mainstream culture of an era, it helps to look at the vagrants and nomads who have dropped out of it: the tramps of the Gilded Age; the beatniks of the 1950s. Today they are called crusties, gutter punks or the voluntary homeless -- but they often refer to themselves simply as travelers. Pacific Standard magazine interviews Randy Angel McKinney, who adopted the lifestyle as a teenager.

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