Monday's News & Ideas - 3/22/2021

  • Church expels Atlanta gunman
  • Christian addiction rhetoric
  • ‘Souls to the polls’ threatened
  • Higher ed fails Native Americans
  • Equal Rights Amendment
  • U.S. military’s anti-Asian racism

Accused Atlanta gunman’s church expels him, as local Korean church leaders mourn, call for action*
The Washington Post: Crabapple First Baptist Church said Sunday that Robert Aaron Long is no longer considered a “regenerate believer in Jesus Christ.”

How pleading ‘sexual addiction’ protects evangelical men
Religion News Service: Given Long’s exposure to Christian porn addiction recovery rhetoric, it likely contributed to his claim that his out-of-control sex addiction fueled his atrocious violence.

Black church leaders in Georgia on the importance of ‘souls to the polls’
NPR: One of the measures being considered in the Georgia legislature would limit early voting on Sundays in the state.

Acknowledge -- and act
Inside Higher Ed: American higher education has failed Native American students again and again, and colleges and universities must critically examine their campuses and curricula, argues James A. Bryant Jr.

If we are equal before God, we must be equal before the state
Sojourners: For people of faith, the deciding issue for the Equal Rights Amendment must be, quite simply, whether equality before the law is just and right.

The Spark

The U.S. military’s long history of anti-Asian dehumanization
When soldiers returned home, they brought with them stereotypes* that became embedded in American culture, GEN magazine says.

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