Monday's News & Ideas - 3/25/2019

  • PTS students ask for reparations
  • The other collusion story
  • Secularism won't help extremism
  • Montreal to remove city crucifix
  • Christians and climate
  • Grief, pride and disability

Princeton Seminary students ask for reparations for school's history linked to slavery The group of black seminarians has collected more than 400 signatures on the petition, which asks for $5.3 million annually to fund tuition grants for black students and establish a Black Church Studies program.

The other Russian collusion story
Religion News Service: Collusion between the Christian right in America and the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) will be on display this coming weekend in Verona, Italy, at the World Congress of Families.

Secularism isn't the answer to Islamic extremism, but arguably its cause
Crux: Whatever the pathway to religious freedom may be in the Islamic world, it almost certainly doesn't run through Western-style secularism.

Montreal to take down 80-year-old crucifix from city chambers
The (London) Guardian: Councilor stresses city's 'secular character' as influence of Catholic Church abates.

How to convince Christians to take action on climate change
Pacific Standard: Environmentalists have long debated whether American religion is helpful or harmful to their cause. New research finds that emphasizing a call to stewardship can be an effective tool.

The Spark

Even in grief, I still have pride
Being part of the disability community means constantly losing friends and allies, says Robyn Powell for The New York Times. She doesn't expect that to change.

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