Monday's News & Ideas - 3/29/2021

  • Purity culture’s flaws
  • Marilynne Robinson on race
  • US church members below 50%
  • Boulder mourns
  • Kanukuk Kamps abuse
  • Beverly Cleary’s kids

The flaw at the center of purity culture*
The Atlantic: The rules don’t apply equally to everyone, Angie Hong writes.

No good has come*
The Point: Marilynne Robinson’s testimony for the white church.

U.S. church membership falls below majority for first time
Gallup: Americans’ membership in houses of worship continued to decline last year, dropping below 50% for the first time in Gallup’s eight-decade trend.

Boulder’s faith community comes together to grieve after grocery store shooting
Religion News Service: A memorial vigil attended by more than 1,000 people was led by clergy from around Boulder.

Kanakuk Kamps abuse reexamined in new report
Christianity Today: Eleven years later, an investigation by David and Nancy French plus a site for victims try to grasp the extent of predatory behavior by a longtime camp director.

The Spark

Children’s author Beverly Cleary, creator of Ramona Quimby, dies at 104
Cleary’s simple idea -- to write about the kids in her own neighborhood -- ensured that her books have never gone out of print, NPR says.

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