Monday's News & Ideas

  • Belonging, more than believing
  • Francis demotes Cardinal
  • Pastor, 96, loses credentials
  • Megachurch meltdown
  • GTS professors return
  • Wealthy bunker condos

In religion, behaviour and beliefs are secondary to belongingThe (Toronto) Star: In our time, belonging, more than believing and behaving, motivates membership.

Pope Francis demotes conservative cardinal who took on John Kerry and Sheryl CrowWashington Post: It was as if Chief Justice John Roberts had been sent to call balls and strikes at a little-league game.

96-year-old pastor loses credentials after marrying gay sonChristian Today: A 96-year-old pastor in the US has had his ministry credentials terminated after he officiated at the wedding of his gay son and partner.The Mennonite: An open letter to my beloved church

How a megachurch melts downThe Atlantic: What the dissolution of one of America's fastest-growing churches means for evangelicalism.

General Theological Seminary bringing back professors it dismissedThe New York Times: Seven of the eight professors who were dismissed from the General Theological Seminary will return to their classrooms today, but the underlying conflict remains far from resolved.

The Spark

For sale: renovated luxury condo; can survive nuclear attackWhen Tyler Allen agreed to pay $3 million for a luxury condominium near Concordia, Kan., he wasn't attracted by the indoor pool, movie theater, or hydroponic vegetable garden, the Wall Street Journal reports. The real selling point was that his apartment will be 174 feet underground in a decommissioned missile silo sturdy enough to withstand a nuclear attack.

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